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Nov/09: IIROC requests comments on draft guidelines on KYC and suitability. Click Here for article.

Jan/10: KYC, Suitability,Accredited Investors, Permitted Client: What is an exempt market dealer required to do? Click Here for article.

Feb/10: IIROC Notice on best practices for head office supervision of branch offices.  Click Here for article.

Mar/10: IIROC requests comments on draft notice regarding non-arm’s length products. Click Here for article.

Apr/10: Sales Tax Tremors! Will financial services continue to be exempt from GST/HST? Click Here for the article.

May/10: Proposed IIROC Plain Language Rules 3100: Business Conduct and 3200: Client Accounts.  Click Here for article.

Sep/10: Proposed amendments to National Instrument 31-103: Registration Requirements and Exemptions.  Click Here for article.

Dec/10: Proposed IIROC Plain Language Rules 3400 to 3900: Suitability, sales practices, communications with the public, complaints, books and records, supervision.  Click Here for article

Feb/11: RR Incorporation: Here we go again.  Click Here for article

Mar/11: The Client Relationship Model: Ready for Prime Time?  Click Here for article

May/11: New COMSET Filing Requirements – another IIROC rule change by edict.  Click here for article

Jun/11: IIROC’s Draft Guidance on Outside Business Activities: Want to be on your church’s board?  Better get you firm’s and regulatory approval!  Click here fore article

Jul/11: Changes to National Instrument 31-103.  Click here for article

Nov/11: Consultation paper on proposed amendments to the customer due diligence requirements of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing RegulationsClick here for article

Feb/12: Federal Government consultation paper: Strengthening Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Fnancing Regime Click here for article