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The Recent Additions Section includes all items added in the past month by date of addition.

All current entries are then listed by the sector of the industry we think is most interested, then by the upcoming dates (comments due, implementation date or event) followed by recently implemented rules, recently issued guidance or reports and then proposals that have been through a comment period but have not yet been implemented.


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Rules Notice

November 28, 2016 IIROC Rules Notice 16-0271: Disclosure of Membership in IIROC – Additional versions of the IIROC Logo. (Related to Rules Notice 16-0133 regarding rule change effective January 1, 2017.) IIROC Rules Notice 16-0272: Disclosure of Membership in IIROC – IIROC Offical Brochure.  (Related … Read More

IIROC Rules Notices

November 6, 2016 IIROC Rules Notices Rules Notice 16-0251: Guidance on Order Execution Only Services and Activities.  Comments are due by December 16, 2016. MFDA Bulletin 702-P: Proposed Amendments to Rule 1.2.5 (Misleading Business Titles Prohibited).  Comments are due by January 25, 2017. CSA round … Read More