Rules Notice

November 28, 2016 IIROC Rules Notice 16-0271: Disclosure of Membership in IIROC – Additional versions of the IIROC Logo. (Related to Rules Notice 16-0133 regarding rule change effective January 1, 2017.) IIROC Rules Notice 16-0272: Disclosure of Membership in IIROC – IIROC Offical Brochure.  (Related … Read More

IIROC Rules Notices

November 6, 2016 IIROC Rules Notices Rules Notice 16-0251: Guidance on Order Execution Only Services and Activities.  Comments are due by December 16, 2016. MFDA Bulletin 702-P: Proposed Amendments to Rule 1.2.5 (Misleading Business Titles Prohibited).  Comments are due by January 25, 2017. CSA round … Read More